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Rick's bungy jump! (photo)


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Lake Wanaka -- note the rainbow! (photo)


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The view from the top of the gondola in Queenstown (photo)


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Our last day :(

Headed home tomorrow

sunny 72 °F

It's our last night in NZ and we're spending it in a small bed and breakfast in Christchurch. We got into town at about 5 pm today after driving all day from Wanaka. We returned the campervan (kind of a relief!) and I'm pretty thrilled to be sleeping on a real bed tonight :).

We spent yesterday in Queenstown, scoping out the shops and the sights. We took the gondola up the big hillside for amazing views of the city and surrounding areas. Kim, Anna and I rode the luge while up at the top (like an alpine slide, for those who've done that). Rick was the only one of us brave enough to take on a bungy jump -- and he rocked it! I'm just glad that at least one of us lived up to the reason they call this country the adventure capital of the world!

Last night, we rushed to Wanaka to catch a movie at the famous Cinema Paradiso, which is this really funky little movie theater that serves gourmet meals and has couches for seating. They even bake big, fresh cookies for the intermission! Very cool experience.

As for the report from Christchurch, we've only been on the Eastern side of the city near the airport, so we haven't ventured into the central business district, which is where the earthquake hit hardest. However, we can still see signs of destruction even out here: broken brick walls, piles of rubble and fences blocking access to unstable sites. The people here are all so, so nice and it's very clear that they're grateful their situations aren't worse. We've been talking to lots of people along the way about the quake: the couple in Wellington on holiday who were from Christchurch and weren't sure what they'd find of their home when they got back; our campervan driver who wasn't expecting to get the water turned back on at his house for at least two months; and our bed and breakfast hosts who are looking after a poor dog who was completely spooked by the quake and has decided to camp out in their backyard ever since. It's all very sad, but people seem to be holding up well.

Tomorrow morning, we head home :(. After almost 24 total hours of travel, we'll be back stateside. But what an amazing trip its been! I can't wait to come back again :)

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Milford Sound cruise


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